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UIA - Universitas Islam As-Syafi’iyah

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S1 (Undergraduate)

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Blended Learning

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Jl. Raya Jatiwaringin No.12, RT.006/RW.005, Jaticempaka, Kec. Pd. Gede, Kota Bks, Jawa Barat 17411


Islamic University As-Syafi’iyah (UIA) originally started as an academy named As-Syafi’iyah Islamic Education Academy (AKPI) founded on November 14, 1965. On March 12, 1969, AKPI was upgraded to university status. UIA's objectives are as follows: - To provide education in the field of law that is open and based on the integration of legal principles and religious values, achieved through the development of a curriculum that combines legal reasoning with Islamic values. - To establish a community research center in the field of law to respond to societal developments, which serves as the foundation for developing high-quality human resources through a learning process that is based on research. The focus is on the creation and advancement of legal knowledge, as well as advocating for marginalized communities (the less fortunate) to ensure justice for them.

Why study at UIA - Universitas Islam As-Syafi’iyah

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Dynamize the process of legal education and teaching

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produce legal experts with moral and intellectual integrity and professionalism

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Conducive academic atmosphere

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Ensuring effective transfer of knowledge

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Nurturing the character of students to become intellectual Muslims


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University Leaders

Dr. Masduki Ahmad, MM


Education at UIA aims to develop human resources with moral integrity, knowledge, and leadership.